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Star Spangled Summer Hero: Felicia Rhodes always makes time for others in her busy schedule

Felicia Rhodes is a recruiter for Medic Regional Blood Center, EMS worker, pastor, teacher and an active volunteer with the homeless community -- yet she always makes time for others.

KNOXVILLE — Felicia Rhodes makes good use of the hours in every day.

As a full-time recruiter for Medic Regional Blood Center, she tries to gather as many blood donations as she can for the hospitals and patients they serve. It's enough to keep anyone busy, but it's just a fraction of what Rhodes does.

"She has a lot on her plate," her friend Rita Humphreys said. "I don't know how she gets it all done."

"I can't think of anybody who does more in a day to help others than Felicia," Cindy Roberts said.

In addition to her role as a recruiter, Rhodes has worked in EMS for 25 years. She's a certified health care instructor teaching phlebotomy, CPR, and various other health classes.

In her "spare time," Rhodes serves as an associate pastor at Agape Christian Church in Knoxville where oversees their outreach program that works with the homeless and others in need.

"She's constantly couponing and gathers supplies in her garage to put bags together," Humphreys said. "Her passion is helping the homeless."

Even with so much on her plate, her friends say Rhodes always makes time for others.

"That's the thing that just floors me. With everything she does, she always has time for you," Humphreys said.

That's why Rhodes' friends say she's nothing short of heroic because she always makes time for others.