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5 things to know if you're a bandwagon Preds fan

Here are five things you should know about the Nashville Predators.

For all the die hard Preds fans out there, congratulations!

To reach the Stanley Cup Final is an amazing accomplishment for hockey in the south and your franchise.

For the rest of you (yeah, I'm talking to you, don't try and act like you've been a Preds fan for your entire life life) there's plenty of time to hop on the bandwagon. Here are 5 things you should know as the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup continues.

1. You were almost rooting for the "Ice Tigers"

The Predators joined the NHL in 1998 as an expansion team. Before the name "Predators" was decided, there was a fan vote. The four names included were the Fury, Attack, Predators and Ice Tigers. Looks like Nashville dodged a bullet with that one.

2. This is an unprecedented postseason run for Nashville

Before this season, the Preds had never even made it to the conference finals, much less having a chance to play for Lord Stanley's Cup. Throw in the fact that the team was the lowest seed in the West and the lowest seed in the entire playoffs and there's no doubting this has been a magical postseason run for Nashville.

3. You better start liking catfish

Back in the early 2000s, it became a tradition for some fans to throw Catfish out on the ice at the beginning of games. Inspired by the Detroit Red Wings and the Legend of the Octopus, Preds fans have put a southern twist on the toss. The trickiest part, is sneaking it in.

4. Think about naming your kid Pekka

One of the biggest keys to Nashville's postseason run is 34-year-old goalkeeper Pekka Rinne (prounounced PECK-A REE-NAY). The longest tenured professional athlete in Nashville has stood on his head all postseason, starting all 16 games before the Stanley Cup Final, saving 94 percent of shots this postseason.

5. There's no place like home

There has been a huge home ice advantage for the Preds. Nashville is 7-1 in Smashville this postseason, with the only loss coming in overtime to the Ducks.

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