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Anderson County girls' basketball team renovates locker room

The Anderson County girls' basketball team worked together to renovate its locker room, but they still need help to finish the project.

When former Lady Vol Nicky Anosike took the head coaching position of the Anderson County girls' basketball team, she created a list of things she wanted to accomplish. One of the major things being renovating the 40-plus-year-old locker room. 

The good news: the players and parents received the idea of a new locker room well. 

The bad news: the team only had $600 in its budget. That's nowhere near enough to pay for renovations. 

So, coach Anosike, the players and their parents decided to work on the locker room themselves. They held a demolition day to smash old sinks and rip aged tile off the floor. They also painted the walls.

The process proved to be tedious, but it created an early bond between the players and their new head coach. 

"I think that they saw the selflessness that I approached this project with, and I think that the players saw that 'wow, 40 years of this locker room looking this way. No one has ever taken the initiative. This woman must really care about us,'" Anosike said. 

The renovation is still incomplete. The bathroom still needs re-building. Anosike stated that a finished bathroom, among a list of other things, are still needed to complete the Lady Mavericks' locker room transformation. 

That list includes: washing and drying machines, projector for the film room, trash cans, laundry hamper, bar area for the player kitchen and wall decor. 

If you would like to donate, Anosike asks that you email her at anosikeko@gmail.com.