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Tennessee Smokies baseball team to host peanut-free night on Tuesday

Fans with peanut allergies will have a chance to enjoy the ball game without any risk of peanut exposure.

KODAK, Tenn. — There is still time to head down to the ball game and watch the Tennessee Smokies swing for the stands. And to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the game, the team will host a peanut-free night in Smokies Stadium.

On Tuesday, fans with peanut allergies will be able to enjoy the game without any risk of exposure. The event is hosted by the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center.

Ahead of the game, crews have been cleaning every inch of the stadium and removed peanut shells, as well as lingering peanut dust. They will also remove all concessions that have peanuts.

"For a lot of our fans that have allergies, this is the only time they get to come to a professional sports game," said Bryan Webster, with the Tennessee Smokies team. "It's a risk, and they can't come out unless it's peanut-free night."

It takes around 100 hours for staff to fully clean the stadium, but the team said it is worth it so everyone can enjoy the game.