Former British Olympic ice skater Susan Jackson is now living and teaching athletes in East Tennessee.

Jackson graced the ice at a young age, and in her early teens realized she had something special in her. Her determination propelled propel her to the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo.

Susan finished 17th in the 1984 Winter Games and competed for two more years.

That Olympic experience remains with her.

Susan Jackson

Susan is now passing on her knowledge as a skating instructor in Farragut. She hopes to make an impact on her students, just as her coach, the late Arnold Gershweiler, who was a world renowned skating coach, made on her.

"I would really love that my students think as fondly of me as I think of my coach. He taught me so much more in life lessons that just figure skating," she said. "It brings me no greater joy than students coming back and wanting to meet with me when they're long out of the sport and hat's the biggest payback for me."

In between competing and coaching, Jackson joined touring shows including Disney on Ice.

Her 18-year-old daughter is about to submit her try-out video with dreams of doing the same.