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UT invites diverse group of 500 people to dinner for United at the Table

UT held a dinner where the first 500 guests were able to meet and greet others from all over the world at one table.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The University of Tennessee hosted a diversity and inclusion dinner in the hopes of encouraging guests to mingle with those who share different backgrounds from themselves. 

Everyone was welcomed to attend 'United at the Table.'

The UT inclusion dinner began at 5:30 p.m at the pedestrian bridge and the Student Union and ran for an hour.

"It’s cool definitely being here at UT and seeing all of the different types of people. I've gotten know lots of different people from all kinds of backgrounds," UT student John Newton said.

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The dinner was planned by campus ministries, but university faculty took part in serving food to students as well.

"Gathering a whole bunch of people together and meeting some new people, and there is just something powerful about breaking bread together. So we're hoping that, yes, it affects the campus in a really positive way," Steve Moldrup with UT campus ministries said. 

The first 500 people to show up were served at 'a really long table' to promote unity.