Tennessee basketball star Admiral Schofield has spent so much time working on perfecting his game the last four years that he missed one of Knoxville's greatest attractions.

Apparently, the Admiral didn't know Knoxville had a zoo, and mentioned it on Twitter.

Say what!?!

Well, Zoo Knoxville couldn't have that! They invited Admiral and some of his teammates to visit the zoo and meet some of the animals.

Along with players Derrick Walker and Jalen Johnson, Admiral had a blast checking out the tigers, gibbons, reptiles and more at the zoo.

I mean look at the joy on that face!!

Admiral Schofield happy face
Tennessee basketball

The players also got to feed the giraffes (every visitor can!) and meet the zoo's oldest resident--- a 150-year-old Aldabra Giant Tortoise named Al.

Tennessee basketball posted the visit on their Twitter page with a little dig towards their latest opponent, the Mizzou Tigers, who they beat 87-63 on the road Tuesday night.

And then this morning... they had a little more fun with it.