KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — With the new school year, UT police continue to encourage everyone on campus to download a new safety app. 

It's called Live Safe

It launched last school year, but police are hoping it reaches even more students and even visitors this year.

With a simple download, students, staff and visitors have access to dozens of on-campus resources.

The home opener is coming up in 10 days and the app gives fans an even greater sense of security. 

"I think it makes me have great faith in my university," said sophomore Karli Ailshie. 

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"As a Vol, that means everything to me," said sophomore Trevor Davis about having safety on campus. "I definitely want to be somewhere where I feel welcome and very safe, I feel like every student wants to feel that."

As the new year gets going, UT police continue to amp up security on campus. 

"Our number one priority is to keep everyone on this campus safe," officer Mike Williams said.

One of those initiatives is the Live Safe app.

"It's our safety and security app here on campus," he said. 

UT police said the most popular feature is the ability to have a friend watch you on Google maps while walking to and from somewhere on campus. 

Another is being able to text police a message, picture, video or audio recording if you feel unsafe. 

"We're always gonna get that message, it's monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," said Williams. 

For game days, visitors can use that feature and others like, parking maps or to find evacuation procedures. 

"UT is a very welcoming and family-like atmosphere," said Ailshie who continues to be impressed with the effort made by many to keep her safe. 

"They care enough about our safety to be implementing programs like this and taking steps to do what they can to make us feel more safe. I'm looking forward to using the app more," she said. 

There were more than 5,500 users on the app just last week.

UT police encourages anyone who plans to visit campus to download it.

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