KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Mormons may not be allowed to drink, but University of Tennessee football fans will be when their university comes to town Saturday. 

The game against Brigham Young University will be the first at which alcohol sales will be allowed.

A UT police department spokesperson said the agency is expecting more arrests this weekend, not necessarily because of the alcohol policy change but because traditionally more incidents are reported as the season goes on and games begin later in the day. 

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Three years of crime logs, obtained by 10News, back that up.

The documents indicate public intoxication, underage consumption and liquor law violations at Neyland Stadium tend to increase, especially for home games against top SEC rivals.

At the Florida game in 2016, there were 34 arrests, citations or ejections at Neyland Stadium. For the Alabama home game the next month, the number was 29. 

That compares to just four recorded incidents at the game against Ohio in mid-September of 2016. 

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In 2017, the booziest games appear to be against Georgia and LSU, with 25 and 24 incidents. 

Last season, the Florida game had 44 incidents which was more than all the other home games combined. 

A Knoxville police spokesperson said the agency isn't changing preparations for a gameday with alcohol sales. 

"Alcohol has always been a part of our plans when we walk about preparation for these UT games, that’s just the reality of it," Scott Erland said.