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'I just had to give credit where it was due' | The funniest Florida fan shows the Vols some love

Comedian Josh Pray is becoming a hit among Vol Nation.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The funniest Florida fan is showing love for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Josh Pray is a comedian with millions of followers, but it wasn't until his videos about the Vols that he became beloved among the fanbase.

"When Tennessee wins, the world is on its axis. They got a quarterback, they got a running back, they probably got the best receiver in college football, their defense is outstanding, their coach got swagger," Pray said in an Instagram video. "Those fans are the nicest, rudest, most confident, most humble, arrogant people I have ever met."

Pray says he started doing these videos about Tennessee after he came to the Florida game with Barstool Sports. What he experience inside Neyland Stadium was truly unique.

"Me being a Florida fan, we don't like Tennessee and we only can go by the things we hear about Neyland stadium. But when I went to Neyland Stadium, the atmosphere was electric. Everybody was super nice and super kind. But there was that heart Tennessee fans and me, being a Gator fan, I was like we are the only people that act like this," Pray said. "Nobody else has a chant in Tennessee. Y'all got fans and the fans are into the game. The women are fierce, the men have to tell the women to calm down. So it took on a life of its own and I just had to give credit where it was due."

Pray is cheering for the Vols to win Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs. 

"Listen, I need the Tennessee fans to understand that I am standing in the line of fire and I am putting my fanship on the line for you guys. A lot of Florida fans are starting to disown me and I will not cross over, but I may need to sleep on somebody's couch real soon. Because the Florida fans are getting tired of me supporting and loving you guys," Pray said. 

You can watch our interview with Pray below. 

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