GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Tennessee made a long list of mistakes that contributed to its loss against Florida. 

Early in the game, backup quarterback Kyle Trask had a ton of time to make throws to open receivers.

"You know in the first half really there was a lot of time when we rushed four there was a lot of time, and then when we bring more it puts pressure on the back end."

After a less than impressive performance in the first half, Pruitt decided to bring in true freshman Brian Maurer to start at quarterback in the second half. 

"It's the thing about playing quarterback right, I think Jarrett's got a great ability to play quarterback and I've said that many times, but sometimes you gotta take the bull by the horns and make a play," Pruitt said.

 With how Guarantano has been playing this season, it makes many ask if there is a quarterback battle going on during practice.

"Well every position for us we try to play the best players when you run a program its a production-based industry," Pruitt said.

"So who competes the best at practice, who plays the best the last game, you just kind of work on it and see. I felt like last year in our bye week, we really improved as a football team. And we got so many young guys that are itching to play, but they’re not hardly ready. Maybe in the next two weeks we can get some of these guys (on the field). And it will help us develop some depth and competition a little bit. Then we have some other guys that are a little bit older that, they need to mature and learn to play a little bit too.”

Tennessee had seven penalties that cost them 75 yards in Saturday's game, including one against K'Rohjn Calbert where he was called for a personal foul for hitting a Florida defender off of a pile.

"Well you know discipline to me is knowing what to do and doing it the right way all the time, we've been on Calbert on the offensive line for getting down the field and blocking guys, they don't blow whistles down the field and nine times out of ten they don't call that, I don't want my offensive lineman thinking about that."

Tennessee has talent on the offensive side of the ball, but due to bad decisions by the quarterback, the talent hasn't been able to shine.

"We have not gotten great play from that position in three out of four games, I believe in the guys in the room but they have to play better, Jarrett is a better player than that and he's got to play better I feel like we have great players on offense but to get the ball to those guys it has to go through a quarterback."

Tennessee will have a bye week this next week to get ready to play Georgia on Oct. 5.