KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A sports radio host in Knoxville is really hoping the Vols get a win this weekend against Mississippi State!

Tyler Ivens, who you can hear on 99.1-WNML The Sports Animal's The Starting Lineup, is camping out on the roof of Toyota Knoxville until the Vols get their next win. He's eating, sleeping, and broadcasting live from his perch overlooking I-40 and Parkside Drive.

It all started out as a bet on the show, with Ivens insisting that the struggling Vols could beat Mississippi State this week. If they can't, Ivens will remain on the roof until they do. He moved in on Monday.

He's sleeping in a tent with the soothing sounds of traffic on the interstate to help him get some z's.

On Day 2, he got a roommate to keep him company up on the roof.

And he even got a visit from a former UT quarterback..

So we're all with you Tyler, in hoping the Vols get a win on Saturday. But if that doesn't happen, Alabama is up next...