KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Just hours before the Vols faced off against Colgate, their social media accounts were inundated with words of support from across social media. 

One, in particular, stood out: 

Out of all the many hundreds of tweets of support, the words of wisdom and 'you can do its'  @VolsHoops took time to answer this one. 

'Settlers of Catan' is far from some obscure board game. It's won at least ten prestigious gaming awards since it's debut in 1995, and the Washington Post called it "the board game of our time" back in 2010.  

The short end of it is that you collect and trade resources - sheep, brick, wood, oar, grain - and maneuver your way to ten victory points. And it's become a staple of Vols road trips and team bonding for a while now. 

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Last year, WBIR's Louis Fernandez caught up with Grant Williams, the guy partially responsible for bringing this much-loved game into the locker room. 

"Right now, I think I'm the number one seed overall," Williams said at the time. "No one can compete with me." 

And yesterday during team practice, a young fan brought a full version of 'Catan' from him to sign. Williams obliged. 

Settler's of Catan has multiple versions: countless expansion packs, a 'Merchants of Europe' version, and a Game of Thrones board that lets you fight White Walkers beyond the wall. 

Respectfully, is it too early to petition for a Tennessee Vols' version? We can only hope. 

The Vols face Colgate in their first game of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament around 2:45 p.m. 

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