Greg Schiano's name has surfaced as a potential candidate for the open head coach position at the University of Tennessee. That's after a report Tennessee may be finalizing a deal with with the Ohio State University defensive coordinator.

Tennessee House of Representatives, Rep. Eddie Smith (R-Tenn.), said he hopes the rumors about Schiano becoming head coach of Tennessee are not true.

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Rep. Jason Zachary (R-Tenn.) said he has reach out to the UT Athletic Director John Currie about the potential head coach shift.

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett called on AD Currie and Chancellor Davenport to reconsider.

Former quarterback for the Vols, Heath Shuler, said he's excited to hear the news of Schiano potentially becoming head coach.

However, Shuler shortly changed his position on the potential hire a few hours after the protest and wants to support the players.

A third East Tennessee lawmaker is speaking out against the University of Tennessee as well. Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Tenn.) said the "backlash will be insurmountable" to the state and to the University of Tennessee.

Sen. Frank Niceley wants to hear from UT Athletics soon about the potential UT coaching hire.

Right now on Twitter and across most of social media, both hashtags #ShianoUT and #SchiaNO are both trending. Some lifelong Vol fans say they do not want to see Greg Schiano as the new face of Tennessee football.

Many fans are shuffling to Neyland Stadium now as they disagree with the potential hiring of Schiano.