KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — OK, Vols fans, take a deep breath. 

Tennessee is officially moving on to its first Sweet Sixteen since 2014 after beating Iowa in overtime, 83-75. They will play Purdue next. 

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We are excited, but oh my goodness, THAT WAS STRESSFUL. 

True to form, Vols fans turned to social media to decompress.

1. Time for a pit check and some more deodorant. 

2. Check your pulses and take some deep breaths. IN.......AND OUT......

3. Well, that win was certainly heart-stopping.

4. We all need somebody to lean on (to catch our breath).

5. Who needs to go running when you can just watch the Vols?

6. "No, doctor, it's not a heart attack. I saw just watching the Vols game."

7. Oh, look, it actually happened.

8. We get the intensity of the game, but PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS!

9. Yeah, sure, we'll just go with that. The power of positive thinking. 

10. If it's any consolation, the players get it.