KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The day we've been waiting for is almost here, to finally be able to say it's football time in Tennessee. 

UT's home opener against Georgia State is just under 11 days away and university officials are spending these remaining days updating fans about some game day changes. 

It's an experience like no other, being surrounded by more than 102,000 fans inside Neyland Stadium, but one that requires a lot of moving parts to keep everyone safe. 

"Anytime you develop new policies, new plans, new procedures, you want to take time to reevaluate," UTPD police chief Troy Lane said.

Beer will make its way into Neyland but not until Sept. 7. 

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"We wanted to see how the Alice Cooper concert went, get that under our belt, adjust things from there," said Lane. 

Roughly 3,000 people went through extensive training for the debut. 

"We're trying to get it done and done the right way. Dotting i's and crossing the t's," said associate athletic director David Elliott. 

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"We look at this as a fan enhancement at the stadium, we're treating it as an upgrade," he said about adding alcohol sales.

Officials hope sales will get more people inside the stadium and quicker. 

If you counted on riding an electric scooter to the game, you can go ahead and toss that idea.

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"Our downtown folks are used to it but we have people coming in from other cities and towns," said KPD police chief Eve Thomas.

The two companies in Knoxville, VeoRide, and Spin, will take up the scooters throughout the entire city on Friday night and bring them back Sunday morning.

"Unsafe use coupled with the immense amount of traffic that we'll have around the stadium on game days is just a bad combination," said Lane. 

UT officials encourage you to ride, park and walk if you can on game days.

You can find every bit of information about city-wide parking here.