KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The arrest of a Nashville murder suspect on UT's campus has students more acting more cautious and vigilant. 

Jyshon Forbes, 25, was charged in connection with a 2018 robbery and murder.

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Authorities arrested Forbes at Volunteer Hall in a custodian's office on Wednesday. He had been working at UT since May and many students were shocked to find out he was around them. 

"It's kind of scary someone dangerous was on campus," said one UT student. 

For more than three months, the murder suspect worked amid UT students. 

"It sounds really scary," said another student. 

UT said Forbes worked as a custodial employee through their temporary help pool, he was vetted through a background check and was employed from May 14 until his arrest. 

Alongside the U.S. Marshals, a task force of UT police, Blount County deputies and Knoxville police arrested him.

The arrest happened as students returned for the first day of class, and with a lot of new students on campus, many said they still feel very safe. 

"It makes me feel good knowing we have a lot of people and agencies trying to get what's best for campus," said a UT student. 

The arrest went on with minimal exposure to the students.

Forbes is currently at the Knox County Jail. He will eventually be transferred to Davidson County.