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'More than just a football game' | Vol fans react after South Carolina loss

Vol fans react to South Carolina loss with pride for their team and share some of their favorite moments of the season.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — It's been a loud and electric season for the Vols. Fans wore their favorite orange outfits and were ready to storm out their doors to cheer for their favorite team.

“It's just been such a delight going to the games," said Nick Simons, a Vols fan. "You know, the noise and the energy is just... it's amazing.”

Vol fans' voices cheering from Neyland Stadium brushed the atmosphere. People who bought tickets and watched the game said everyone was hyped.

“You could try to talk to the person right next to you, and you [couldn't] hear what they're saying," said Eric Framstad, a Vols fan. "That's how loud the stadium was.”

Vol fans have been cheering from the beginning of the college football season, storming down on Cumberland and they have a few favorite moments

"That Alabama game, I've never been a part of something so amazing," Simons said. 

"The Florida game too, everyone loves checkered Neyland," Framstad said.

People rushed down the field to celebrate with the Vol players as they watched the goalposts go down.

"Just the hype just knowing that we had not beaten Alabama, in what 16 years and that was just a sweet victory whether we lose or win anymore," said Jackie Loveday, a Vols fan. "That was enough for me."

Yet, last night South Carolina beat the Vols. 

“We lost pretty badly last night," Framstad said. "So playoffs might be out of the picture.”

Despite the loss, fans are still optimistic and proud of their team's many wins. Fans said they still believe the Vols can finish really strong this season and land a great bowl game.

"You know, make a statement that we're going to be a team that's here for a long time,” Simons said. 

But the Vols team is more than just football for Knoxvillians

"I think it gives our community a lot of hope, a lot of strength and just that we're one big happy orange family,” Loveday said. 

Some Knoxvillians said football is important for this community and brings more to town than just a football game. 


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