When Mollie DeLozier woke up Thursday morning, her mind was on anything but the Lady Vols.

"The only thing I thought this morning was, I need to go to the grocery store and get some vegetables."

But the University of Tennessee changed all that this afternoon when Athletics Director John Currie announced a return to form for the Lady Vols brand.

Back in 2014, when the University initially announced the departure from the brand, DeLozier was hurt.

"Just disbelief," she said. "How could the University do this?"

But now, upon its return?

"Just elated, just elated."

DeLozier swam at UT in the 70's, and has always remained close to the program. She and others led rallies, handing out petitions, trying to get the name back.

"So many times we got discouraged, we'd think, 'what would Pat do?' Well, she wouldn't give up!"

A change in the administration at UT gave her hope. DeLozier applauded the efforts from Chancellor Beverly Davenport and Currie to listen.

"I met with both of them, and they both asked a lot of questions. I was really gratified with how much time John Currie gave us."

For DeLozier, being a Lady Vol is more than the two words on the uniform.

"An elite group of women, that compete and live according to a certain standard."

"It's not just a win for the Lady Vols, it's a win for the University."