KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Freshman pitcher Ashley Rogers is the strong, silent type on the mound.

"I could be throwing a no hitter or I could be giving up five bombs in a row," said Rogers. "My face is going to look exactly the same."

"Stoic, kind of strong kind of look," describes senior pitcher Matty Moss. "I'm a little more crazy."

"Matty is like the complete opposite, she gets like extremely hype," laughed Rogers.

Even with difference personalities on the mound, the two are pretty similar off of it. They're tight. Matty, in her own words, views herself as the Team Mom.

"Well, she calls us her kids," Rogers laughed. "She just kind of looks out for me and helped me adapt to the Lady Vol softball culture in a sense."

"When I saw Ashley I saw her potential and how good she was and I was like, she's going to throw a lot and that really takes a toll on you mentally and I really wanted to be there for her," said Moss.

Sometimes, Mom can be embarrassing. 

"I would always have to remind her to tuck her shirt in, so she would walk out on the field and I'd say 'Ashley tuck your shirt in' and she'd say 'oh my goodness, I forgot!'"

"I've gotten better, I will say," said Rogers.

Moss hit the nail on the head when it came to the freshman and her pitching ability. Rogers has pitched the most this season on the team, nearly 50 more innings than the senior, but even with her time at Tennessee coming to a close, never once did Moss think "Hey, I should be out there!" How does that happen? Co-head coach Ralph Weekly has a solution. 

"Well it's very simple. Matty is a leader, she's always been a leader, I noticed that when I recruited her. She's very animated on the mound and she's just been a leader ever since she's been here," said Weekly.

"I wanted to make sure that I set that standard that this is what the pitchers here do and this is what they need to keep doing," said Moss.

But with the postseason here, the ride, at least on the field for this unlikely duo, has almost reached its end.

"She's helped me grow so much as a person and as a player, and yeah just helped me be confident," said Rogers with a smile on her face. 

"I'm definitely thankful for everything she's done for me."