Vol fans love to talk about Jon Gruden coaching Tennessee's football team, and when Butch Jones was fired Sunday afternoon, the so-called "Grumors" -- or Gruden rumors -- only grew even more plentiful.

"I love the Grumors for sure and I definitely hope we get him," UT student William Whitaker said.

Coach Jon Gruden

Following Tennessee's 24-21 loss to South Carolina last season, Booth Page began boycotting Tennessee football. On Sunday, he bought his ticket for Tennessee's matchup against LSU on Saturday.

"I think the guy (Jones) deserved a respectful fire, honestly, but it needed to be done and we're looking forward to Gruden," Page said.

Although student fans are anxious to see who John Currie reels in as Tennessee's next coach, some fans say having the distraction of Butch Jones's job insecurity out of the way, fans can focus their support on the fans instead of their disapproval of a coach.

"Now that Butch is gone, I would expect people to show up and support the players as opposed to the coach," Whitaker said.

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