HALLS, Tennessee — For the third year in a row, Tuesday nights have meant just a little more to the Halls community. Tuesday Night Lights is a moment for Halls High School to rally and support the CDC Special Education department through football. The class gets together, some wear jerseys, others grab pom poms or even instruments and take part in its own version of a Friday night game in East Tennessee.

"When I see their faces, that's what makes me want to put it on over and over and over," Halls senior Austin Angel said after the game on Tuesday.

Angel works with a group of students, faculty and administration to organize the event. This is Angel's second year at the helm.

"Just to see everyone out here supporting them, rallying up around them and just cheering them on as they make a touchdown just to make their dream come true, I think it's all worth it, it's worth anything."

Perhaps the most impressive part of the game is the community support. It's not just Angel organizing it: the football team takes the time to come help the students as coaches, the local Young Life group helped to referee, even members of the band came out to help give Tuesday Night Lights the genuine high school football feel.

"The support means everything, we put on this event for the students. We do not care who shows up, we don't care how many people show up, we're doing it all for them, but when we see them out there it just makes us feel like, wow, there are no words," Angel said.

Even though Angel graduates this academic year, it'll be hard to keep him away from the football field on a particular Tuesday in October.

"No words can describe the feelings, I have so many feelings. The smile does not go away the whole entire night, there's not one word to describe it besides wow."

Halls puts together a Tuesday Night Lights for basketball in the spring. The goal is to eventually have a Tuesday Night Lights event for every sport at the school.