Rain forced the South-Doyle High School soccer team to spend the first half of practice indoors studying its next opponent, the Loudon Redskins.

Coaches and players reviewed plays on a dry erase board inside the school library before taking the field.

A little rain couldn't dampen the excitement the Cherokees felt.

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"I don't think any team has more heart than us or more fight than us," senior goaltender Boone Bratton said Monday. "The person besides us is going to give their all and that's all that matters

Now, it's a matter of getting them there.

Most school leaders didn't project the Cherokees (15-4-3) to make it to Murfreesboro; they were pleasantly surprised after Saturday's 3-2 home win against Sevier County.

"We set down as a team goal to make it to the region championship," head coach Adam Massie said. "I wasn't really expecting to be here. But I'll take it."

The school spent the weekend working to find hotel rooms, and a charter ride to Murfreesboro. Executive principal Tim Berry estimated the cost to keep the school's teams and coaches at Spring Fling through Friday would total to around $8000-$9000.

"We want to do things right when you go to state," Berry said Monday. "We want to treat them like the kings and queens that they are. So finding that availability with a lot of the other success in Knox County has been tough."

But Berry said he has zero concern about whether the team will make it. He said it comes down to reallocating money and relying on the booster clubs.

"We know the money is there," Berry said. "Our parents just don't want to be nervous about this or worry about the costs. We feel comfortable we have the resources, especially with how hard the booster clubs have worked in the past 48 hours."

All Coach Massie and his players can do is focus on the game plan for Tuesday.

The Cherokees look to be the first South-Doyle team to win state in a TSSAA-sponsored sport since the women's volleyball team did it in 1991.

No pressure, right?

"We just want to go out there and have fun and I know that if we play South-Doyle soccer, we'll be happy with the outcome," Bratton said.