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The results are in! | Here are the winners of the 2022 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon

Knoxvillian Ethan Coffey won the full marathon for the second year in a row. He is the first male to win the full marathon three times.
Credit: Elizabeth Sims
The two winners of the 2022 Knoxville Covenant Health Marathon

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Thousands of runners crossed the finish line on Sunday, March 27 for the 2022 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. 

Ethan Coffey, a 39-year-old Knoxville native, made history by becoming the first male ever to win the full marathon three times. 

Coffey won the marathon last year in October. His first full marathon win was in 2015. He maintained an average pace of 5:47 minutes per mile. 

Men's full marathon: 

1. Ethan Coffey of Knoxville, 2:31:13 

2. Austin Whitelaw of Knoxville, 2:33:55 

3. Jeremy Miller of Knoxville, 2:36:49

Caroline Kimble, a 26-year-old from Nashville, was the first woman to cross the marathon finish line. Her average pace was 7:10 minutes per mile.

Women's full marathon: 

1. Caroline Kimble of Nashville, 3:07:42 

2. Megan Kleeschulte of Knoxville, 3:11:14

3. Audrey Carter of Whitesburg, 3:16:18

Alan Carreno from Las Vegas was the winner of the 2022 Covenant Health Knoxville Half Marathon. He had an average pace of 5:29 minutes per mile.

Men’s half-marathon:

1. Alan Carreno of Las Vegas, 1:11:42

2. Joshua Mower of Knoxville, 1:12:59

3. Will Shaffer of Knoxville, 1:14:35

Women's half-marathon:

1. Gina Rouse of Knoxville, 1:20:03 

2. Elizabeth Herndon of Knoxville, 1:22:23

3. Jennifer Weston, of Oak Ridge, 1:23:26

Men’s 5K:

1. Scott Greeves of Knoxville, 15:10

2. Seth Kolosso of Lenior City, 15:30

3. Will Cantrell of Knoxville, 17:20

Women's 5k: 

1. Rachel McGovern of Knoxville, 18:12

2. Maria Zolkowski of Knoxville, 23:07

3. Savannah Duke of Knoxville, 24:46

Men’s push-rim wheelchair half-marathon:

1. Chad Johnson of Corydon, Indiana, 1:15:02

2. Matthew Porterfield of Knoxville, 1:15:54

3. Matthew Speed of Knoxville, 2:49:24

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