Among the thousands of people who have been flooded out by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath is former Vol Arian Foster.

That hasn't stopped the former running back from trying to help his adopted hometown out, though.

Foster and his brother Abdul sponsored a drive in Houston to collect food, water and other items that will help Harvey victims.

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"We lost a lot of stuff but we saved a lot of stuff," he told KHOU-TV, WBIR's sister station in Houston. "We came out healthy and alive and that's the perspective you gain from this. Some people can't say that, and it's just unfortunate."

Foster, a running back for the Vols from 2005-08, said his house ended up being "under water" after the giant storm moved in last week.

"The whole place is under water," he said. "They're gutting it out now."

Abdul Foster called the damage "one of the worst devastations I've ever seen or been through."

Abdul Foster said he and his brother wanted to give back, to help others. Many people washed out by the record rainfall need just basic essentials to get by.

Arian Foster, 31, retired from the Houston Texans last year but he still lives in the southeast Texas city. He said he was confined to his house for three days last week and decided it was time to help others.

"It's just tough to watch. man," he told KHOU. "It's just kind of sad. It’s a fragile thing, man. It kind of puts things in perspective."

Arian Foster played in the mid 200s for the University of Tennessee.
Arian Foster played in the mid 200s for the University of Tennessee.

Damage from the floods is in the billions of dollars. At least 40 people in southeast Texas are thought to have died as a result of the storm.