A few Olympic swimmers visited East Tennessee to inspire young women in the sport on Saturday.

Ace Girls U.S.A. held a clinic at the Boys and Girls Club in Knoxville. The Olympic athletes taught swimming techniques to middle and high school swimmers.

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"When they're struggling in the sport, or they don't know how to deal with failure, or they're not getting better, they have the tools that they can use now," Claire Donahue, a Lenoir City native and Olympic swimmer, said. "And be able to use them in a really positive way and not quit, maybe, or to learn how to have a little more fun when they're swimming."

In breakout sessions, parents learned about supporting their young athletes, and the girls met with a sports psychologist.

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Donahue also said the skills the young athletes learned today will serve them beyond sports.

"[They can] help others and be supportive to their teammates," Donahue said.

Ace Girls U.S.A. plans to come back to Knoxville in the coming months and expand this program to other sports.