Monday night the champion in all of college football will be crowned. Who Will it be? Clemson or Alabama?

While fan bases are cheering their Tigers or Crimson Tide to come away with the title the head coaches are thinking about something else. Performance.

On the eve of the title game Dabo Swinney and Nick Saban held one last press conference before they will see each other on opposing sidelines in Levi's Stadium.

At this level everything will be amplified with a title up for grabs. But for Dabo and Saban they're not worried about the the final score or even the outcome. No, their biggest concern is how their players will perform on the biggest stage of their college careers.

"There's a winning performance at every position," Swinney said. "We're not asking them to be perfect."

Dabo detailed down to the percent what it takes for his team to win a game. Clemson's grading system has worked because they are one win away from a perfect season. 

"If you're a wideout that winning grade for us is 85 percent, if you're a linebacker it's 80 percent, for a d-lineman it's 75 percent. We have a grade," Swinney added. "We make a big deal out of that. It's not who we play it's how we play."

Nick Saban is a perfectionist. It's helped him immensely. He's already regarded as one of the greatest college football coaches ever and that doesn't come without expecting the best out of every player on the roster.

"I often times get on our players, even when we win and people don't totally understand that because regardless of what the scoreboard says how did you really perform? Did you perform to the best your abilities, did you create the best value for yourself?"

Monday night at 8 pm we'll see who grades out the highest how many players leave everything on the field when Clemson and Alabama clash for the fourth straight year in college football playoff and for the second time it's for the national championship.