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Appalachian Mountain Bike Club to host scavenger hunt adventure for fall fest

The bike club's fall fest will take bikers through trails as they search for 20 checkpoints throughout mostly-local trail systems.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Bikers usually have the chance to explore all kinds of trails across Knoxville. They can tear through muddy areas surrounded by trees before veering onto paved pathways winding across East Tennessee's many parks.

And starting Sunday, the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club will take them through several of these trails. The club's fall festival will take participants through a scavenger hunt as they search for 20 checkpoints located through several, mostly local, trail systems.

Participants can pick up a passport for the event at the club's fall fest merch booth, or at REI at 6700 Papermill Drive. They cost $10 and identify the checkpoints that participants should visit during the event.

As participants visit more checkpoints, they will get more chances to win prizes from the bike club. Every five checkpoints they visit will get them more entries into a prize giveaway, as long as they share a photo of their passport on the AMBC Facebook page or email it to checkpointride@gmail.com.

Proceeds benefit the bike club, which helps maintain several trails across Knoxville.