WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. — A family dog in Virginia made a special delivery to his home in Washington County a couple of weeks ago.

It came home with a tiny bear cub!

No one knew where the bear came from and the family wasn't sure what to do with the little cub, so they called state wildlife experts, who brought the cub to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Veterinarians at the center "found that the cub was bright and alert, and vocalizing readily" He was a little dehydrated, she said, but otherwise was healthy.

The cub was placed in an incubator and staff members started bottle feeding it around the clock.

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The best thing for the little guy was to get him back in a natural environment, so wildlife biologists identified two active dens, both with sows and cubs, and to see if they coud place the cub with one of them

Less than a week later, that's exactly what they did! 

A couple of days ago the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries reported that all went well with getting the cub to its foster family. The biologists darted and sedated the mother bear so they could replace her radio collar and also place the cub in the den with her and her three biological cubs.

So that momma will wake up with a bigger family than she thought!

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