The nearest Walmart is 24 miles from Sunbright, Tennessee, a town of less than 600 people in the Cumberland Mountains.

"A lot of living in Sunbright is you're not really close to anything but each other," said Sunbright High School softball player Hannah Shannon. "The people have a close bond and it just carries throughout the community, we're all here for each other."

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Like the rest of the town, the high school softball team has a close connection, led by pitcher Sydney Treadway.

"She just lights up the whole field," Shannon said. "We just feed off of her, she's amazing."

The Lady Tigers are coached by Sydney's dad, Ron Treadway, who is also the school's principal.

"I love it but if you ask her that question, she might not love it quite as much," Ron joked.

"Sometimes we bicker about things, but for the most part it's pretty good," Sydney Treadway said.

Sydney's son, Easton, named for the softball equipment company, cheers from the stands. He's 20 months old.

"When I'm up to bat, he's like, 'mommy! mommy!'" Sydney said. "He's my best friend, he's so cute, I could talk about him all day."

He's their number one fan and the team loves him, but they understand the difficulties of teen motherhood.

"The girls on the team have been so good about understanding the situation and the reality of it, not that it's 'look how cool it is to have a child, it's look how hard that is, but we love you Sydney and we love your son,'" Ron said.

Only 51 percent of teen moms finish high school, compared to 89 percent of females who didn't give birth as teenagers. However, Sydney is excelling in the classroom and on the field, thanks to her support system.

"It was definitely not part of my plan," Sydney said. "I wouldn't recommend having a baby but I have the best support system."

Sydney's dad makes sure she's on the right track with school and softball while her mom and stepdad are helping her learn how to raise a child.

And the community has been supportive.

"A young mother is something that a lot of communities shy away from, but everyone in this community, the teachers, the other families, they give Sydney such tremendous support."

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Sydney has already been taking dual-enrollment college classes and is set to play softball at Hiwassee College on scholarship. She will graduate from high school on May 20, and her dad will hand her the diploma.

"I'm very, very proud of her," Ron said.