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Reserved Rebel: Dr. Dayo Lanier shines while Vols impress on the court

While her husband, Rob, helps lead the Vols on a postseason run, Dayo writes and works to promote health and wellness.

Earlier this week, we told you the story of Tennessee assistant coaches Desmond Oliver and Rob Lanier. One thing Lanier mentioned at the end of the interview grabbed our attention.

"Make sure you edit this part in right here," he insisted, "we both owe a debt of gratitude to our wives, you know, we've been fortunate."

Meet Dr. Dayo Lanier.


While sitting in the lobby of the team hotel in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Dayo Lanier reflected on her relationship and marriage to Rob Lanier, a assistant coach on staff with the Tennessee Volunteers.

"It'll be 20 years in June," said Dayo.

When Dayo and Rob met, he was a graduate assistant at Niagra College. She was an underclassman at Cornell University. Dayo went on to get her medical degree at State University of New York at Buffalo.

"We spent our engagement separated while he was at Rutgers and I was working at different hospitals in Buffalo, New York."

A difficult juggling act.

"That was kind of hectic, trying to be a medical resident and plan our wedding."

Once married, the two didn't stay up north for long.

"He said, coaching is kind of, you move around and you never know."

Once his time at Rutgers was up, the Lanier family bounced all around the south.





-Back to Texas

-Finally stopping in Knoxville with Tennessee

And for the sake of her family, Dayo decided to transition from hospitals to classrooms.

"I think I made a shift from just practicing medicine to doing things to help promote health and wellness for kids."

Now, she's pursing a passion, writing. Her blog, Reserved Rebel, discusses the arts as well as her work with health and wellness.

"One of the things when you're a "Coach's Wife," because so much of it is having to do with their schedule, it's kind of dictated to you. One of the things that where Rob and I work is because we are individuals and then we are a couple and we are a family as well, and we make sure we foster each of those different areas.

The two will sit together with their laptops and type on their own separate websites. Dayo calls Rob "Coach" and Rob calls Dayo "Doc."

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