There's always so much going on at Smokies games, the sights, the smells, but maybe more important than all of that... the sounds.

Marketing Assistant Jon Murphy is in charge of it all. He runs the music and sound effects during home games. With hundreds of options just a click away, Murphy has to stay on his toes.

"You're doing something on every single play, like on this one," he says as the Birmingham Barons make contact with the ball. "I hope they turn two, and a double play!"

He reaches for his mouse, and clicks a sound effect that reads "Daily Double." The famous Jeopardy tune rings throughout the stadium.

Each song, each sound effect is mapped out before the game, with a little adlibbing done along the way. One thing that stays the same; the players' walk-up songs. Each is different, each reflects the players personality as they step to home plate.

Marketing and Media Relations manager Connor Pearce said those sounds mean so much in Kodak.

"What you play really affects how the crowd reacts to the game," said Pearce, "so you want to make sure you're giving them music or sound effects that are fitting, 'cause if it's not, they'll notice and it takes away from the experience."

So what's the one song that always gets the fans on their feet?

"Rocky Top," said Murphy as a smile came to his face. "I love playing it because the whole place just goes nuts."

As for the sound effects, look no further than Nature Boy Ric Flair and his famous exclamation.

"It's go to be the woo," said Pearce. "I'm a woo guy, I love the woo."

No matter what, each time the Smokies win, there's one song you'll hear fill America's Friendliest Ballpark.

"Go, Cubs, go."

The Smokies continue a long home stand to end the first half of the regular season. The team will play the Montgomery Biscuits in Kodak Thursday through Sunday.