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TSSAA Board of Control passes new regulations, contingency plan for high school football, girls' soccer

Here is a list of the 12 regulations the TSSAA board of control agreed upon.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — TSSAA Board of Control approves high school football contingency plan

The Board of Control has approved contingency plan No. 2 with hybrid adjustments for the high school football season.

Here is the initial Plan No. 2 

16-Team Bracket

-Contact practice will begin August 30

-The regular season will start on September 18

-Teams will play eight games in the regular season with the first week of the postseason canceled and replaced with the final regular season game

-Teams will disregard their current season schedule and the TSSAA will come up with a region schedule for teams to play

-Only the winner and runner-up of each region will make the postseason

-Teams that don't make the postseason will have the option to play two additional games to help fill out their schedule

The hybrid adjustment places in contingencies should the TSSAA either get exemption from the Governor's state of emergency order or the order be lifted prior to the current end date of the order, August 29.

If teams cannot have contact practice by August 3: the first week of the season will be missed, any region games will be rescheduled.

If teams cannot have contact practice by August 10: the second week of the season will be missed, any region games will be rescheduled.

If teams cannot have contact practice by August 17: the third week of the season will be missed, any region games will be rescheduled.

If team cannot practice by August 24: the fourth week of the season will be missed, any region games will be rescheduled.

If teams cannot have contact practice by August 31: The Board of Control will meet again to discuss further plans.

TSSAA Board of Control approves Girls' soccer contingency plan

The TSSAA Board of Control has approved a contingency plan for girls' soccer in case the Governor's State of Emergency order is still in effect (it currently is set to last through Aug. 29). If that is indeed the case, the season will start on Sept. 7. The regular season will be extended by two weeks and the state championships would be held on Nov. 11-14. If the state of emergency ends before Aug. 10, the girls' soccer season and championships will proceed as usual with no changes.

New Sport Regulations

The TSSAA Board of Control approved a set of regulations for teams to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. These regulations apply not just during the duration of Governor Bill Lee's State of Emergency order (through Aug. 29), but for the remainder of this pandemic. A full detailed version of each guideline will be released after the meeting.

1) Temperature checks are needed for all player/coaches/personnel before practice. A temperature above 100.4 sends the person in question home, they can't return until getting a negative COVID-19 test or a doctor's note.

2) No coach/player/personnel can compete in a contest or practice without going through COVID-19 screening. Focus for these will be weekly. Standard COVID-19 symptoms.

3) No scrimmages, jamborees, 7-on-7 or other types of practices with other teams. Only official contests. Off-season practice for other sports must remain non-contact

4) At contests: coaches, players, team personnel, officials, administrators and fans must have their temperature checked before entering the facility. If they have a temperature about 100.4 degrees, they will be turned away.

5) At each contest, a symptom checklist shall be posted prominently for spectators. 

6) At contests where fan attendance is permitted, member schools are encouraged to limit fan attendance to a number that will allow for adequate social distancing. (ex. 1/4, 1/3 of capacity)

7) Member schools will require that all fans wear facial coverings at all times while on-site (except children under age 2) and maintain social distancing

8) Temperature checks and symptom questionnaire applies to members of school band, pep band and cheerleaders

9) If there is a public address system used, the host school will make announcements, reminding spectators about physical distancing.

10) Host school is responsible for providing staff to frequently clean and sanitize areas.

11) Concessions stands are discouraged. This is not a mandate, but if concession stands are done, they recommend social distancing, masks and call-in orders

12) All coaches must complete the free NFHS online course "COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators" before the first contest.