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Week 2 Offensive Player of the Week: Union Co.'s Alonzo Creech

Union County's Alonzo Creech wins week 2 offensive player of the week.

UNION COUNTY, Tenn. — It's not often that a football team puts up 54 points. However, when a team does eclipse the 50 point mark, there is a pretty good chance that someone had a special night offensively. That was exactly the case last Friday night for Union County.

Our week two offensive player of the week is Union County's Alonzo Creech. In last week's performance, the Patriots' running back carried the ball 28 times for 244 yards to go along with six touchdowns.  

The senior spoke about how much fun it is to play alongside his teammates.

"Knowing that I have somebody's back, and they have my back makes it better," Creech said.

While speaking with Creech, he mentioned the word "fun" multiple times. He even referred to his teammates as brothers at one point. While sports are supposed to be fun, Creech seems to be taking that joy to a new level.  As long as he continues to put up stats like he did last week, that fun won't likely cease very soon.