KNOXVILLE — Local organizations found a fun way to get people to recycle their unwanted glass.

Dozens showed up to the "Get Off Your Glass! Trailhead Edition" recycling event hosted by Keep Knoxville Beautiful at Trailhead Beer Market in West Knoxville.

People turned in their glass bottles and jars to receive a free beer from Sierra Nevada.

Alanna McKissack, the executive director of Keep Knoxville Beautiful, said the amount of glass that winds up in landfills can really add up and bring serious harm to the environment.

"Glass is something that breaks down in the landfill over 1 million years, so we're taking up space that could be used for potential parks and green spaces that we can enjoy as a resident of Knoxville. So we're not taking up that space and giving our glass a second life," she said.

The first two annual events brought in more than 2,000 pounds of glass for recycling.