KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The hands-free law has officially been in effect for one month in Tennessee. 

The law bans drivers from using their cell phone or any electronic device while on the road. 

So far, East Tennessee cities have enforced the law differently. In Sevierville, city police issued three citations and 35 warnings in the first month. 

In Oak Ridge, city police decided to focus on education before enforcement. 

Tennessee is ranked the worst state for cell phone distracted driving deaths, according to a study released earlier this year, but law enforcement officials believe this new law could help lower that statistic. 

"I have seen less handheld devices than I have in the past, so I think that reiterates the message is getting out there," said Sgt. Randall Martin with Tennessee Highway Patrol. 

"Approximately 98.6% of all crashes are preventable," he said. 

Thanks to more eyes on distracted drivers, stats are starting to show Tennessee roads are getting just a little bit safer. 

Sgt. Martin said he's noticed a difference since the hands-free law began last month, saying he's seen less handheld use than in the past.

He said 424 citations have been written statewide. Around 25 of those came from the Knoxville district. That's about one per day for the law's first month. 

"The biggest thing is to limit those distractions in the vehicle, whatever they may be, and to put that attention back on the road way," said Sgt. Martin. 

A few weeks before the law took effect, 10News cameras caught 22 distracted drivers at a busy downtown Knoxville intersection within the span of 30 minutes.

But just one month later at the same intersection and same time, that number was down to 16. It's a good start, but still shows more work needs to be done. 

"There's still things going on, education to be done and enforcement to be done on top of that."

THP recommends buying a phone mount or using Bluetooth to make sure you're following the law. 

Law enforcement officials want to remind you that holding your cell phone with any part of your body is not allowed under the new law, this means even holding it on your knee.