***Be cautious of black ice that could form on roads Friday morning, particularly overpasses and bridges. These patches of ice will look like dark/damp spots on the road***

Things are looking fair for most East Tennessean's Friday morning commutes.

The colder air in the system which would have potentially dumped snow on East Tennessee managed to hold off until after the heaviest portions of the rain system passed through, leaving us with little actual snow to speak of.

A few areas along the northeastern portion of East Tennessee saw a dusting. Other areas saw snow or a wintry mix fall, but little to no accumulation happened because the ground was too warm to allow what little fell to stick.

All of this translates to good news for your morning commute, as most areas outside the mountains are only having to deal with wet roads this morning.

Counties in the Plateau as well as northern counties such as Claiborne, Grainger and Hancock should be especially wary of icy conditions this morning. Road crews are monitoring conditions and treating any problem areas they find.

Here are the current observed road conditions across East Tennessee:

Interstate 40 into North Carolina: Wet roads, but otherwise no real travel problems

Interstate 75 into Kentucky: Roads are fair with a few slick spots earlier in the morning on shoulders and overpasses

Anderson County – No major problems reported, roads are fair.

Blount County – Road conditions are good.

Campbell County – Road conditions are good.

Claiborne County – A few roads have been reported to be icy, specifically Highway 25E around the 4200 block headed towards Harrogate was reported covered in ice.

Cocke County – TDOT said to use caution on bridges and watch out black ice.

Cumberland County – Some icy spots reported in areas.

Fentress County -- Crews said roads are icy, salt trucks have been called out to treat roads

Grainger County – A few slick spots reported

Greene County – Road conditions are good despite a light dusting of snow around midnight

Hamblen County – No reports of slick spots/conditions

Jefferson County – Roads conditions are wet, but otherwise good

Knox County, Tenn – Roads conditions are wet, but otherwise good

Morgan County –Road conditions are good

Roane County – Some icy spots reported in areas

Scott County – Roads are good, light dusting of snow

Sevier County – Road conditions are good

Union – Road conditions are good

Whitley Co. Ky. – Wet roads reported, but otherwise conditions are fair