AMERY, Wis. - A 5-month-old boy, his mother and her best friend are lucky to be alive following a crash just two days after Christmas.

On Saturday, they were able to thank the heroes who saved them from some icy waters in Western Wisconsin.

"I don't like meeting new people," admits Nycole Stream of Amery.

But she'll make an exception for those who saved the life of her beautiful son.

"They saved us and my son," she said.

Stream was driving in Balsam Lake on Dec. 23 with her infant son Ayidden and friendKrysy Walenczak of Frederic when her vehicle went off the road and overturned in the icy waters of a marsh near the Apple River

Nycole had to pull Krysy's head above water. She couldn't even get to her son in the back.

Thankfully, Good Samaritans, like Thomas Cole of St. Croix Falls, jumped in and pulled them out.

"Glad I was there," Cole said as he gave the young women hugs. They replied, "Thank you."

At the Amery Family Restaurant, the young women met their rescuers for the first time, including Terry and Pam Blegen of Balsam Lake. Terry was the first in the water. Pam called 911.

"I'm so glad to see you," Terry told them both as they reunited.

Deb Penberthy and Lee Harr were also there. They supplied the knife to cut littleAyidden out of his car seat. "It's heaven sent. This baby, that day, was so blue. He was the color blue of [his bib]," said Deb as she held the baby in her arms. Now he is healthy and pink.

One more Good Samaritan was unable to be there for the reunion. Shawn Spafford of Amery also jumped in the water to help with the rescue.

There were a lot of tears, plenty of healthy hugs and of course, everyone wanted to hold the baby.

"I've never had so many sad and happy emotions at one time," said Walenczak as they all stood together for a group picture.

It was a celebration of three lives saved, and of being strangers no more.

There is still one other man, a young man dressed in black, who helped that day. He left after the three were pulled to safety. Walenczak and Stream would love to know who he is.

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