LINDEN, TN (WSMV) - A will belonging to a couple killed in a tornado in Perry County last week was found blown in a stranger’s yard two counties away.

The tornado ripped paths through dense woods and demolished brick homes, but somehow the will remained intact and landed 40 miles away.

The storms didn’t affect Sharon Thompson’s home.

“It was a great day,” Thompson said. “We were just walking around.”

There was no damage and no debris, just a single piece of paper in her front yard.

“It was about right here,” Thompson said.

Thinking the will belonged to someone nearby, Thompson first turned to the White Pages, then Google.

“Then it hit us, and then when we went to scrolling and looking at the news stories and saw the name matched the names in the will,” she said.

Antonio and Ann Yzaguirre were killed when a tornado hit their Perry County home last week. Their family members had been searching through the debris for the couple’s final wishes ever since.

Several days later in Dickson County, Thompson found the last page. It listed the executor, the beneficiaries and talked about what should happen if a natural disaster occurred.

“We couldn’t believe it,” Thompson said. “I even looked it up on the map to see how far it was.”

By car the Yzaguirres were about 55 miles away from Thompson.

Thompson said she plans to return the will to the family and will mail it to the sheriff’s office on Tuesday afternoon.

“You kind of wonder if God had a hand in trying to get it into the right hand to get it back to where it needs to be,” Thompson said. “Like I said, if there’s not another copy, then this is important.”