If it's too cold for you to be outside, it's probably too cold for your furry best friends, too!

The best advice for pet owners is to bring their animals inside when the temperatures drop near or below freezing.

If you have outdoor pets, be sure they have a warm place to stay-- a doghouse, a corner of the garage, some short of sheltered area.

They will need warm bedding, like hay or cedar shavings. Warm blankets or towels only work if they are dry. If that material gets wet, it will only make your pet colder.

You also need to make sure their water bowls don't freeze. You will likely need to change it out several times a day.

When taking your pets out for a walk make sure they're appropriately dressed and aren't out for too long. If they start to shiver or burrow, that's an indication that they're trying to warm up or find a warmer area - so it might be time to head back inside.

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