KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Here's a record we really don't want to break.

It was Monday, January 21, 1985, and the entire eastern half of the country was in the midst of a brutal deep freeze. Record low temperatures were being recorded across the south.

But no place else in the continental U.S. was colder that day than Knoxville, Tennessee.

The temperatures dipped to -24 that day.

Pipes were bursting all over East Tennessee, including at the city's iconic Sunsphere. The water rushing down the buildings' metal frame quickly froze, covering the structure in icicles.

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Knoxville weather records:

Highest temperature: 105 on July 1, 2012
Lowest temperature: -24 on Jan. 21, 1985
Most rainfall in one day: 6.14" on July 16, 1917
Most snow in one day: 17.5" on Feb. 13, 1960
Most snow in one year: 56.7" in 1959-60
Most snow on Christmas Day: 7" in 1969

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Hard to believe it didn't break any of those records, but the Blizzard of '93 is still one of the most memorable weather events in East Tennessee history. You can take a look back at our coverage below: