A young woman has been rescued after falling at a popular hiking spot near Berea, Kentucky.

Authorities say the woman was hiking along at the Berea Pinnacles in Madison County on Sunday when she tumbled over a cliff and down about 60 feet.

She somehow survived the frigid temperatures and below zero wind chills until other hikers heard her call for help about 12 hours after the fall.

"We'd gotten to the end of East Pinnacle and stopped for a picture when we heard a moan and saw someone below the cliff. We called out and said hello and the hiker got louder, saying she had fallen off a cliff," said hiker Phillip Bagnoli.

It took rescuers several hours to reach her and pull her to safely. In addition to a broken leg, she had some broken ribs.

Authorities say she is very lucky to be alive, and caution others who may be tempted to try a similar outdoor adventure.

"It's too cold and dangerous to hike," a battalion chief told LEX 18. "Stay safe, stay at home."