TVA is preparing for possible flooding Thursday by spilling water from almost all 9 of its major dams on the Tennessee River.

"The flows coming in to these dams are so [big] that we're having to open spillway gates to pass that extra water," said James Everett with the TVA River Forecast Center.

He said the TVA will keep spilling water from the dams through the weekend.

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"We're not seeing locations along the Tennessee River near flood stage at this moment, but we've seen a lot of reports of localized flash flooding," said Everett.

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That flash flooding can make roadways unsafe and knock down trees without the help of wind or lightning.

"It may be the tree that fails and it may be the soil that fails," said David Vandergriff with the UT Ag Extension.

He said rushing water can act quickly to erode soil around trees.

"Then you don't have the soil around the tree which makes it less stable," said Vandergriff. "And water that stays around trees - dependent upon the trees species - it may affect their long term health."

So if they don't fall over now, they could later. Vandergriff said most trees that fall during a storm are already compromised in some way.

They could already be leaning and pulling up roots slowly from one side before the rain comes in.

"Just be attentive to [your trees], particularly if they've got a lot of water on them or the ground is really saturated," said Vandergriff.

If you lose a tree in any rain or flooding, call an arborist, or a tree specialist, to help out with the problem.

As the rain continues to come down, the dams will keep spilling water.

TVA asks that boaters stay away from that fast moving water.