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Prepping your vehicle for cold weather

Tips for prepping your vehicle for the upcoming winter season.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — With winter approaching and colder nights becoming more common, now is the time to prep your vehicle for the upcoming winter months.

When getting your car ready for winter, be sure to inspect the tires. The tread on your tires breaks down over time, and low tire tread can make travel dangerous during winter weather outbreaks. Also, check your tire pressure. Tire pressure begins to drop as temperatures drop below 40 degrees. Most tires need between 30-35 PSI of tire pressure to ensure safe travel.

Changing your oil and antifreeze is important during the winter season. Regular oil and antifreeze maintenance can prevent any car troubles as temperatures become colder.

Routine battery inspections will keep your car running smoothly this winter. Battery capacity lessens in cold weather, and routine inspections of battery cables and fluid will reduce the chance of being stranded on the side of the road.

Professionals also recommend having a winter weather kit in your car at all times. Occasional winter weather does strike the Tennessee Valley, turning roads into ice rinks. Your kit should include a flashlight, blankets, bottled water, food, a toolkit, an ice scraper, and any other items to get you through a cold night.

Start your preparations now and stay drive safe this winter!

This story was originally reported by WRCB.

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