SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. — Randy Atchley and his wife woke up just a few days ago to see their boat dock for the first time in weeks.

"It had been underwater up until about three days ago," he said. "It has broke away and pulled away from the property."

Except now, they couldn't dock a boat there if they tried, and it isn't just their dock. Part of their yard broke off too.

"We've lost 10 to 15 feet of property depending on where you stand in the yard," he said.

Atchley said his neighbors are experiencing the same kind of thing, except their dock and the stairs leading to it are falling apart and sinking.

"Their dock is about to go, their swimming pool is being undercut," he said.

Both families live along Douglas Lake in Sevier County and since the rain hit in February they said they've reached out to just about everyone for help.

"We've reached out to just about every government agency there are," Atchley said.

On Friday, Governor Bill Lee sent a formal request to President Trump asking for recovery help for 58 counties.

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He also asked for individual assistance to residents in five counties as well. Sevier County is named in both requests. 

But regardless, Atchley said there isn't much he can do.

"It is our home so we try to keep it as maintained as possible," he said.

But he said keeping it maintained isn't a permanent solution and that is frustrating.

"It's disturbing because you work hard everyday to have something beautiful," he said.

For now he and his neighbors plan to help each other and hopefully sooner rather than later, they'll get some good news.

"Just give us some sort of help so we don't have to do it on our own," he said.