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Weather Wednesday: Meteorological Spring

While we're currently seeing far-above-average temperatures, we look forward to what the upcoming spring could hold.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — It’s spring! Well, meteorological spring. We scientists split up the months in quarters to better understand seasons. 

However, temperatures have been feeling spring-like in recent days and multiple times over this winter. Daily data from the winter season shows that we’ve seen above-average temperatures and precipitation, which might seem exciting as we look forward to the spring equinox. However, NWS Morristown Meteorologist Anthony Cavallucci tells us we’re not in the clear just yet. 

“The risks of freezing temperatures and the vulnerability of the crops are at highest during this transition from winter to spring. When we're really warm like this in February and even January, heavy rains are possible and likely,” he said.

Credit: WBIR Weather

This is true as you look at the seven-day forecast. When high temperatures drop to the 50s and 60s, lows drop close to freezing in the 30s. And we’re looking at flood risk from this week’s rain.

Looking forward, the Climate Prediction Center tells us to expect more above-average rainfall and temperatures. But the extra warmth could spell trouble for the season – more severe weather.

Cavallucci pointed out, “We've already seen three tornadoes this year, and they occurred in early January. And I think the rest of this so even going into spring coming out of winter, we could see an uptick in the number of tornadoes that we typically see.”

So keep an eye on your flowers and the forecast as we get closer to the first day of spring, March 20.

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