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West Tenn. home in danger of falling into Tennessee River

The homeowners have already evacuated the house.

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Another home is likely to fall into the Tennessee River in West Tennessee.

Continuous landslides since February have eroded the high banks of Chalk Bluff in Hardin County where several homes were built.

Two of them have already been destroyed, with the dirt literally falling away beneath them.

You can see what remains of one of the homes, halfway down the bank, in the photo below.

Credit: Hardin Co. Fire Dept.

Now a third home is in danger of the same fate.

The Hardin County Fire Dept. said the owners of the house with the red roof have already evacuated and gotten their possession out of the home.

March 29, Update on the landslide on Glendale Rd. Another large sect... ion of the hill collapsed overnight. The owners of the red roof house have everything moved out. Please avoid the area and do not cross any of the barricades for your on safety.

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