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Why is there so much rain in East Tennessee?

Yes, it's been raining a lot lately in East Tennessee. And you can thank a developing El Nino in the Pacific Ocean. Meteorologist Cassie Nall explains.

We've had A LOT of rain in the past couple of weeks... And that pattern isn't going to be changing just yet.

To understand where all of that rain is coming from, we have have to zoom way out to see the bigger weather picture.

We actually have to go over to the Pacific Ocean to find the source of our soggy pattern.

A developing El Nino is causing the waters to warm in the equatorial Eastern Pacific.

This large-scale climate pattern typically enhances the southern or subtropical branch of the jet stream... And that means an endless parade of storm systems coming out of the Pacific Ocean and marching across the Deep South.

We've also had a stubborn ridge of high pressure set up to the southeast of Florida that has helped to keep the Gulf of Mexico "open for business", pumping tropical moisture into the region.

That setup has also kept temperatures mild enough that we haven't had any wintry weather.