(WBIR-KNOXVILLE) G.O.P. candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich visited Knoxville Saturday as the keynote speaker for the Knox County Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

"I believe he probably got a few votes this time," Knox County G.O.P. Chairman Buddy Burkhardt said. "The speech was tremendously inspiring."

Gov. Kasich focused on his experience in politics, calling himself the force needed to balance the federal budget and create a prosperous job environment.

"We have now created in the state of Ohio over 400,000 private sector jobs back from a loss of 350,000," Kasich said. "That's 400,000 families that are better off."

Congressman Jimmy Duncan followed up, saying the kind of leadership Kasich shows in Ohio is what the country needs.

"He has cut taxes by $5 billion. The biggest tax cut in any state," Duncan said. "He's closed the state's $8 billion shortfall without a tax increase, and he turned the state's 89-cent rainy day fund into a $2 billion surplus."

Kasich also made a point not to bash his competitors.

"I'm not going to smear anybody to become president of the United States," he said. "I'm not going to engage in this kind of name-calling. We are not picking class president."

He went into details about immediate action he would take if elected.

"My first hundred days if I'm president, we will freeze all federal (regulations) for one year except for health and safety," he said. "We will force the congress to vote on regulations in excess of $100 million. They're dying to do it over there let them do it."

"We will have a plan to bring down the personal income tax, not some pie in the sky, chicken in every pot level, which we know is not going to happen, but we can go 28, 25 and 10."

"We can help those who are the working poor be able to have more incentive to work. We can bring the capital gains tax down to 15. We can reduce the corporate tax rate to 25," Kasich continued. "We can figure out a way to stop taxing corporate profits twice, both in Europe and when they come here, so companies will bring their money back and invest in America rather than investing in Europe."

Overall, Kasich said his main goal is to allow citizens to reach their fullest potential.

"What I would do as president is to make sure that people who live in the shadows who have in many senses been denied an opportunity to live out their god given purpose, that they have a chance."