Seen any red balloons floating around our storm drains this week?

That's kinda creepy, if you know anything about the Stephen King book "It".

A new movie version of the horror novel is opening at area theaters.

Some folks around East Tennessee have spotted the red balloons that are associated with the story's evil clown called Pennywise. The frightening predator lives in the storm drains under the town of Derry, Maine, and sometimes uses red balloons to lure children.

Knoxvillian Nick Geidner, a University of Tennessee associate professor, saw one Thursday and tweeted about it.

Is it a prank? A great publicity stunt?

We'll let you decide.

They're also showing up tied to storm drains around East Nashville, though no one has claimed responsibility, The Tennessean reports.

In Lititz, Pennsylvania, police posted photos of the balloons around town on Facebook and jokingly reported being “completely terrified” while removing them.

While the prankster — or movie promoter — remains at large, residents around East Nashville have reported being sufficiently creeped out.

At least two were on Shelby Avenue, one at the intersection of South 14th Street — where drivers stopped to take photos — as well as at the intersection of South 10th Street.

Another was spotted on Riverside Drive, prompting Twitter user @abs_olutelycray to post a photo of the balloon with the caption, “SOMEONE TIED A RED BALLOON TO THE SEWER IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE IM SCREAMING.”

The Tennessean contributed to this story.